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is the most efficient and cost effective method to promote your privately owned vacation rental listings. We provide you with a gateway to promote your vacation rental listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With, your listing is not just getting promoted once a month in a printed article with limited exposure. Rather, your listing is promoted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone worldwide.
VLBO is operated by an experienced team, with many years devoted to Vacation Rental Properties. Through this experience, we have gained key insight on how to provide Vacation Rental Owners with successful and productive listings. We have developed an advanced tracking system, search system, listing system, and keyword listing system that ensure quality results.
VLBO can provide you with some of the following features:
  Customer Service. VLBO believes in providing the best Customer Service and Support possible. To make certain our service standards are met, we provide our members and visitors with an "Information Desk." This Information Desk is a one stop place for anyone with questions on how VLBO works or how our listing process works. Although most questions will be answered through the Information Desk, we also provide convenient 24/7 Email Support and Phone Support, 8:00AM-5:00PM (CST).

Advanced Search Feature. Vacation Renters want to be able to find vacation rental properties specific to their needs. As a result, we have developed an advanced search feature that will provide renters with the ability to search every part of VLBO to find information about their getaway choice. With such advanced search features, users can find results such as reviews, availability dates, regions, city searches, and keyword searches.

Real-Time Availability Calendar. When searching for a vacation rental it vital that the information provided is accurate. You can update the availability calendar of your listing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will save you many phone calls and e-mails from vacation renters inquiring about already reserved dates.

Listing Statistics. From your Owner's Menu, you can view the statistics of your listing. You can view how many hits you have received, inquiries received, email a friend, and also how many keyword or keyword search results you have received. No other company provides you with such statistics.

Organized Geographical Region Locations. One of the most important aspects of any vacation rental website is simplicity of use for the vacation renter. Our site is designed to organize vacation rentals geographically by state, region, and then city. Vacation renters can easily find your vacation rental, which ensures you are receiving the most exposure for your listing.

24hr. Access to Update and Edit Your Vacation Rental. Do you want to change your title? Your photos? You can, all in your Owner's Menu. You can instantly make and place changes to anything that you have listed with us at VLBO, and the changes take place instantly.

Your Own Specific URL. Your vacation rental listing on VLBO is like owning your own website. You will be assigned a website URL that you can use in printed literature, on a home page, or other sites' listings to advertise your vacation rental.

Feedback Forum. VLBO believes strongly in feedback from our vacation renters. We want our vacation renters to inform others of your outstanding customer service and happiness with your vacation rental. Positive feedback places security in the mind of future vacation renters.

Renter's Login. VLBO hopes to make its visitors as happy as possible in trying to decide where to pick their getaway. With this in mind, we have created a feature where renters can place listings they are interested in keeping their eye on in our "Favorites" section. After login or signup as a renter, simply click on "Add to Favorites" from the main list page and you will be able to keep track of your top choices.

Owner’s Menu. After listing your vacation rental with us, you will be provided with some of the following features in your Owner's Menu: Reports, Edit Your Listings, Search Renters, Search Owners, Updates, and many more features.

  Your Listing Exposure. You have decided to list your vacation rental with VLBO. Now it's our turn to promote your website to millions of people looking for their vacation getaway! We have developed professional relationships with top Search Engine and Keyword Listing companies so that we can help you rent your listing. Through our Keyword, or Meta-Tag, feature, we have created an advantage that no other competitor can beat. These keywords will be promoted in thousands of search engines, and you choose your own keywords when listing with VLBO.


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