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Fraud Awareness Tips

Protect your privacy! Never offer personal information through email such as:

  • Social Security Number
  • Bank account or routing number
  • Credit card number

Never give anyone your username or password.

Make sure you can verify the legitimacy of inquiries and property listings - See Checklist



Before committing to renting a property:

  • Establish a relationship with the property owner by contacting the owner over the phone. Make sure you have more than an email address in order to increase validity of owner and property.

  • The best way to insure the legitimacy of a property is to delay payment until arrival. If the owner requires payment prior to arrival, make sure you can pay through PayPal or some other legitimate source that offers buyers protection features.

  • Do not exchange bank account or routing numbers. We recommend all transactions take place over the phone. Never give payment information or finalize reservation information by email only.

  • Please make sure to read and understand VLBO Terms of Service

  • Understand that VLBO does not hold any responsibility for fraudulent transactions.



In order to provide potential renters confidence in your listing, you have the option of engaging in our certification process.

You are responsible for the information contained in your advertisement. Make sure the information you provide is clear and accurate.

To protect yourself from fraud:

  • Beware of emails such as: people claiming to live outside the country and have to pay over the amount of a deposit for any reason, and want you to wire the difference back to them.

  • Anytime you receive a questionable email, you can report it to law enforcement and the internet crime complaint center. You will need to keep the inquiry in original format so that the investigators can track the sender.

Always establish a relationship with potential renters over the phone before finalizing a transaction.

Never accept payment information such as bank account, routing, and credit card numbers through email. Never supply your personal numbers such as bank account, routing, credit card, or social security.

Create a PayPal account in order to protect your interests and the interest of your customers.

VLBO does not have any responsibility for renters inquiring about, or using your facilities.


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