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Here at, we strongly advise renters and advertisers to investigate all claims made by prospective renters, vacation owners, advertisers or agents. Due to the nature of the internet, cannot make any warranties to the accuracy of the content contained on this site. Therefore, we hold no responsibility to the accuracy of the information you may find on our publication. You are liable for the way you use the information you find, and you agree that neither nor the contributors of information throughout the site shall be held liable for any damages incurred. is not a licensed real estate broker in any location. The sole objective of our site is to provide a service designed to unite owners/suppliers of rental property with the very people who demand them. is also not responsibile for renting your property.

We cannot predict power outages, war, acts of God, or negligence. Therefore, we do not guarantee our site will be available 100% of the time and take no responsibility for any losses that may occur due to interruptions in the service.

Cancellation and Refund Policy is in no way responsible for the refund of cancellations, rental fees, or any policies parties may have on our entire website. Renters should note that each vacation owner, advertiser or agent has set their own cancellation and refund policy. For complete protection, we recommend users of communicate with vacation rental parties and be familiar with their policies.


Property may be requested to be removed from the market. This listing will simply be turned off from and may be turned back on at a later date. Members should be aware that the same term and ending date will apply to the listed property and will not be changed, though temporarily turned off.

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The purpose of our content policy is to protect our integrity as well as our guests. tries to maintain a clean website where visitors do not have to fear viewing profanity, nudity, violence, or any other type of offensive content. is intended for the use of all ages, and we ask that users be respectful, only posting messages appropriate for all ages. Once any information has been added to our site, it becomes the property of We reserve the right to reject, edit, or remove any property listing at the complete judgment of If any foul content is found on your listing, we will either edit the information or it may be removed. If you choose to edit the content of your removed listing, your rental could be posted again. If your listing is removed for foul content, no refund will be given.

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SPAM and Inquiries does not tolerate the sending of commercial email to registered guests without consent. We will do our best to reduce the amount of SPAM that may be delivered to registered members through inquiry forms. With the service we provide, we believe registered members should not have to worry about receiving unnecessary emails. In order to stop SPAM from getting through, inquiries may be monitored and filtered prior to delivery. In using our best judgment, we will determine what constitutes SPAM, and will reject any such inquiries. Despite all of our efforts, it may be possible that some unwanted inquiries will slip through and some safe inquiries will not be delivered. We are not responsible for inquires containing SPAM or for those undelivered.

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